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All across the landscape of America there is a critical need for effective community leadership and training at the grass root level.  Nowhere is this needed more than in urban America.  It is no these urba communities do not have leaders, but rather these communities have a greater disproportion of social issues and the existing structural frameworks of leadership are overwhelmed.  In order to maintainand to tur these communities around from deserts of hopelessness, crisis driven and instablity, effective leadership must be nurtured to ensure that communities can remain focused on improving the quality of life of for all its residents.


The primary focus of these training workshops is to stregthen inner city community leaders through proactive training.  Within each training module (5), participants will learn how to define key terms and conceps including leadership, teamwork, outreach, partnership, and engagement.  Training will also include individual and group activities, data collection, role playing and media. Participants will learn how to conduct a community assessment, organize events, interview leaders, access to city services and crisis planning. And so much more...



  • Enhance the knowledge of participants with current concepts on leadership, teamwork, outreach, partnerships and community life.

  • Engage participant in thoughtful discussions on various topice of interest affecting the community and provide a place for the sharing of ideas in a positive environment.

  • Equipe each participant with tools to gather data, measure effectiveness and for strategi planning.

  • Empower each participant to become actively involved in the ongoing initiatives of reshaping and sustaining their community.


This trainng is being sponsored by the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative (HGNI).


Collaborative Partners: Grover and Williamsburg Heights Block Clubs and Grace Fellowship Church of Milwaukee.

Dr. Andrew Calhoun

Leadership Training Coach

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